PHPMyPanel is a powerful, yet easy-to-install PHP script that allows you to provide your visitors with free space on your server or webhosting account. The traditional webhosting industry is highly competitive and oversaturated. PHPMyPanel allows you to get in on a lucrative alternative, free webhosting. With free webhosting, you can easily attract tens of thousands of users and generate revenue from the advertisements placed on their pages.

PHPMyPanel is very popular amoung many webmasters because it's highly flexible and easy to use at the same time. The script allows you complete control over almost every aspect of the operation your free webhost, including ad placement on user pages, traffic and storage space limits, support tickets, and traffic statistics.

  • Safe Secure - While nobody can guarantee a 100% secure piece of software, PHPMyPanel has been tested by numerous security groups and uses fully secure and up-to-date php code.

  • Scalable - PHPMyPanel has been tested on sites hosting over 30,000 users. PHPMyPanel's light code also performs well under heavy load.

  • Complete Control - With PHPMyPanel's many functions, you can manage everything, including traffic stats from your control panel.

  • Simple and Light - PHPMyPanel is small and light on system resources, yet powerful. You won't have to worry about load issues with large amounts of users.

  • Easy install - PHPMyPanel can be installed without root access and within 5 minutes of download. In contrast, many control panels often require extensive knowledge of Linux and hours to properly configure and install.

Jun 9, 2008 - Version 2.1 Released! Increased performance, re-written install script
Feb 19, 2008 - PHPMyPanel is no longer encoded. Buyers now get full source code!
Jun 1, 2007 - PhpBB autoinstaller now included.

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